Fenty Beauty Roundup

You’d never know, (because I haven’t made a blog post in forever), but I actually picked up some of these Fenty Beauty products the day they launched, even though I had to pay an absurd amount for them in Europe. Of course I promptly lost my lip luminizer and between travelling and school, haven’t a chance to blog it. Still, I hope this is post will be of some use to you.

Usually when I post swatches for new products I try to either take as many pics in store or buy a wide selection of colours I think will work for women of colour. NARS’ Dual Intensity Blushes were unfortunately not a product I could do that with. With two shades, varying levels of intensity wet or dry, and a high price point it simply wasn’t possible. So I went in with the goal of getting just one. I ended up visiting Holt Renfew at Yorkdale Mall to purchase one, which came to $58.76CAD with tax (eep), but price per ounce they’re about the same as other mid-range blushes such as MAC. I didn’t get the name of the artist who helped me but she was lovely, helpful and applied the blush in a very flattering way (as opposed to the stripes I often get at Sephora).

We’re bringing back an old “favourite” today, NARS Orgasm. I got this as part of the Sephora Superstars gift set last year and it’s been sitting on my shelf ever since.

When I started getting really interested in makeup in high school NARS was one of the brands I remember everyone touted (as they still do of course). The ‘must-have’ “universally flattering” product recommended to me, both online and by my fairer friends was NARS Orgasm. You can imagine young me’s disappointment when I went into Sephora, swatched it, and saw a mess of sparkly light pink.

It was one of my first realizations that there weren’t enough good recommendations for dark skin.

[product image]

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