Sephora released a “New Nudes” campaign a little while ago, and with the launch of so many new products, I found myself with more than a few new lippies to add to my collection. This round-up will most useful for those looking for a nude lip to wear to daily to work/school.

Screen Shot 2017-05-14 at 3.56.07 PM

I recently picked this palette up from for $55cad when it was restocked. I didn’t purchase it during the initial launch as I already had Too Faced’s Peach Palette (which I haven’t reached for in over a month). I also didn’t think I needed a palette that leaned so heavily pink.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance

I’m not a huge ABH fangirl. I don’t think most people need a 4 highlighter ‘glow kit’ and have been disillusioned by the number of Youtubers and IGers who seemingly receive her PR kits.

However, I am a true believer in her lip glosses. I love the only shade I have so much that it was 1 of 3 lip products I took with me on a month and a half trip to Asia. It was also the only lip product I actually wore in Asia.