My Accutane Story

After a long battle with acne (since 13) I finally decided to see a dermatologist about my changing skin, which seemed to me to be hormonal. He suggested Accutane (as I’d been hoping he would),  and  I took the plunge without a second thought.

Don’t get me wrong, I did my research and I knew the risks. But I ultimately decided that problem-free skin would be worth the 5-6 months of dryness and mild to moderate discomfort. I’m documenting my journey in the hopes that it helps someone in a similar position know what to expect.

[MONTH ONE] – August
[MONTH TWO] – September
[MONTH THREE] – October
[MONTH FOUR] – November – none
[MONTH FIVE] – December



**Many of the techniques and chemicals mentioned were learned about on They have some excellent resources on the sidebar and you can search for info about products you’re interested in too.**

The products I mentioned were found simply through Googling Accutane product recommendations for dry skin, my dermatologist and Sephora samples.