I’ve heard plenty of reviews about Baby Foot but lack the patience to wait for an online order to be shipped. So I decided to make a trip out to Pacific Mall to pick one up. At the Beauty Star shop Baby Foot retails for $23, but the worker encouraged me to get this cheaper ($16) option instead. They had a few different scents and I decided on lavender, while it worked well for me I have no idea what the brand is or how it compares to Baby Foot (someone enlighten me?). 


I subscribe to the school of thought there are two types of scrubs in this world:

[1. Foaming] and [2. Moisturizing]

and I’m a fiend for the idea of scrubs. I like that they’re supposed to exfoliate my skin and leave it feeling squeaky clean. But, I often find that they aren’t soapy enough or they’re too thick and then I feel like I have a layer of film left on my skin.

Enter Jealous Body.

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Dose – 20mg everyday but 40mg on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

This month was a roller coaster of emotions.

My skin was looking pretty damn clear, I was riding a high and then I did two things to mess it all up. I tried to incorporate an AHA because I couldn’t leave well enough alone and I tried on like six lipsticks at Sephora.