Through the Canadian Beauty Blogger Network I was chosen to join a contest and review for Bio Seaweed Gel polish. They let me pick two shades from their new Uptown Lights collection and I decided to go with Winnipeg and Halifax. They also gave me the No-Wipe Top.

For those who are looking at the title of this blog post with a strong sense of “wut?” I’ll give you a quick run through. Muslims pray five times a day and before each prayer they perform ablutions called wuḍū which involves washing their arms, feet and head. So most Muslim women don’t wear nail polish on a day to day basis because it prevents the water from reaching their nails. These Ingot O2M Nail Enamels allow water vapour and potentially even droplets to permeate the varnish and reach the nail, which of course is very exciting for Muslim lacqueristas.

I understand that there may be those with reservations and those who believe that it is not sufficient for wuḍū. I don’t want to argue over whether or not it is, but provide swatches for those who’d like to see them. However, if you’d like to see the experiments then you can check this link out and formulate an opinion on your own or with the help of your Imam.

And if you’re not particularly interested in the ‘halal’ aspect then O2M lets your nails “breathe” by letting water and oxygen reach your nails even when there’s lacquer on them.

inglot 02m breathable nail polish

WOC of the world rejoice. Finally a colour of the year that won’t result in people saying “it’s just so vibrant against your skin tone.” We’ll need to make sure to stock up on all the “nude” lipsticks and ‘girl next door’ blushes that will result from Pantone’s colour of the year in Marsala. (Italian wine, not a misspelling of the Indian food Masala as I originally thought).

On the internet the colour is being applied to many different shades quite liberally.

Here’s the colour as Pantone described it:

Marsala Colour