About Me

Be the person you needed when you were younger.

The above quote is the basis for this blog’s entire being. I started it as a personal project with the hope that it would serve as a useful reference tool for young women of colour. Because I too remember being 15, trying out all the most popular MAC lipsticks, and realizing that they looked terrible on me. I’ve since found my own top MAC lipsticks and I hope that my many years of trial and error provide a bit of help to any who come across this blog. This is my small way of “giving back,” and I hope to add to the incredible archives Danielle Gray from The Style and Beauty Doctor and Karen from Makeup & Beauty Blog have created for us.

I am by no means an authority on makeup and I don’t purport to be, so take my thoughts and reviews with a grain of salt. But if this blog happens to help you find a shade that you feel beautiful in, then I’m so glad that it was useful.

– Alyssa

Please feel free to reach out to me if you’d like to chat about anything (especially school/law). I’m on Instagram (@mosesaly), alternatively you can message through this page where I’ll receive it as an email (privately). I know it’s difficult, as a high-school student, to make these terrifyingly huge life decisions, and as such I’m more than willing to discuss my experiences.

E: themosesalyproject@gmail.com


Ethnicity: Trinidadian & Guyanese born and raised in Toronto.

Shade: NC45

Age: 24

Occupation: Law student

Pets: Yes, one cute fat cat named Hannibal!

Favourite bloggers/Instagrammers: Marianna Hewitt, Danielle Gray, Makeup & Beauty Blog, SomethingNavy, BuyNowBlogLater, and Blaireadiebee.

Samples may be sent to:
PO BOX 99900 GL 539 090