HUDA Beauty Electric Obsessions Palette

I’m no huge fan of Huda but even I have to admit that she makes some great makeup. The only product I’ve tried and disliked of hers is Liquid Matte Lipstick (it’s too drying!) IMG_0334

I love the variety of bold shades in this palette. It doesn’t have a black shade, which would help add dimension to any look and I also really wish there was an orange shimmery shade, but I can forgive a 9-shadow palette for that. I’m partial to monochromatic looks, placing shimmery shades on the lid and matte shadows of similar tones in the crease. So of course, I’d love to see an expanded version of this palette, with lighter and darker shadows of each colour currently in the palette, as well as corresponding shimmers. However, this little palette is definitely punching above its weight and still makes a great addition to any collection. IMG_0352Pigmented.

If I had one word to describe this palette, pigmented would be it.

These shadows blend effortlessly, last well into the night, and are so dang pigmented without being chalky or powdery. I don’t know how this formula was developed but I can’t remember ever achieving a look this effortlessly, which is exactly how Huda describes the product, “effortless.” It’s also $35 which I believe is extremely well-priced, especially when I consider that I paid just as much for Smashbox’s Cover Shot: Eye Palettes and I don’t like their formula half as much as Huda’s – although I imagine the two palettes would work well together. Review [here].

Look 1 – Teal & Pink

Blue-pink combos used to be my go-to in high school and when I saw the following photo I knew I had to have this palette. I desperately wanted to recreate it as I thought it looked absolutely gorgeous on the model’s eye shape and skin tone.

Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 9.26.19 PM
Image taken from

My poor woman’s recreation is below.

iPhone picture in low light – sorry

This is how I rolled up to a holiday dinner, with my festive peacock shadow. I met an old friend of mine on the way and she actually mentioned that she really liked the colour combination.

Look 2 – Navy Blue & Pink

Navy blue: middle row, far left. Orchid: top row, far left.

This navy blue, which admittedly looks more purple when placed alongside a pink, is my favourite. The tone is so rich and it pairs beautifully with every other shade in the palette.

Look 3 – Purple


In my opinion, this purple was disappointing when placed on the eyes. I didn’t use any primer, but in comparison to the richness of both the navy blue and teal shimmers it was extremely underwhelming. On the plus side, it lasted extremely well throughout the day and I can appreciate the more “subtle” look. I also added Buon Fresco from Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Modern Renaissance Eye Shadow Palette into the crease to create the monochromatic look I mentioned liking. So you can see how you can get the most out of this palette if you have a variety of other shadows to use it with.

Look 4 – Red Liner

IMG_0338I think I’ve owned one red shadow in my life. It was by MAC and it was absolutely terrible. I remember even trying to use Fix+ with it to get the pigment to show up, to no avail. Here I used the dry red shadow with an eyeliner brush, to show you exactly how pigmented it is.

Overall: This palette is a hit, and I’d recommend it to anyone who likes colour, and even to those who don’t.

Hope this was useful!