Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink

I noticed these on a new display at Shoppers Drug Mart and were suckered in by the shade selection. The display indicated that they were supposed to be $14.99CAD but I ended up getting them for $9.99CAD. They’re also at Walmart for $9.96CAD regularly. I looked these shades up to see if anyone had reviewed them yet, but it seems like Maybelline has recently expanded the line. I saw about 8 new shades at Shoppers all of which are not online yet and they are all nude shades. Unfortunately, I didn’t grab a picture of the display.

SuperStay Matte Ink - 70 and 75
Please excuse my manicure.

Arm Swatches

Based on the packaging I expected shade 70 to be far more pink-toned. Instead, both shades lean orange with 75 just being a tad bit deeper than 70. I like both shades and think they’d look great on a range of deeper skin tones. Both of these shades are also a nice, affordable alternative to my all-time favourite MAC lipstick, Persistence.

But, please note the little drop of liquid lip on the sleeve of my shirt. The applicator is not absorbent at all, so the liquid drips off it quite easily. And because it sets pretty quickly you need to make sure you clean up your lip line right away. I didn’t clean my arm swatches off right away and now I’m pretty sure they’re permanent.

Face Swatches

These started out extremely promising, I actually loved how creamy and shiny they were on initial application, and if they had stayed that way I would have been happy. However, as they dried down I found them more similar in both texture and finish to NARS’ Powermatte Lip Pigment and Marc Jacobs’ Le Marc Liquid Lip Creme. I used a Nivea balm underneath and after they dried I didn’t find them uncomfortable to wear.

But, after about 10 minutes I noticed that the product started to break up. I had been moving my face a lot to inspect it, so I figured it was due to that, and decided to give it a second chance.


10 minutes after applying


I reapplied the product today before breakfast. Maybelline claims the formula can last up to 16 hours so I thought it should be able to make it through my peanut butter and banana sandwich and coffee. It did not.

Here’s what it looked like 1 hour after application, I had eaten breakfast at this point.


After breakfast.

Now I don’t want to be too harsh on the product because one of my favourite matte liquid lips, Bare Minerals’ Gen Nude Matte Liquid Lip, would do the same thing. However, because this product is so much tackier than most of my other liquid lips, reapplication is harder. The formula wears off unevenly and emphasizes my dry spots when I reapply.

Also, Maybelline does claim it can last up to 16 hours, so I feel as though it should have at least made it through breakfast unless Maybelline thinks we’ve all succumbed to intermittent fasting.

Now if you look at other reviews online there are lots of people who like this product. I noticed a few reviewers suggested applying a very thin layer and making sure to wait 15 minutes for it to set. I did try to do as thin a layer as possible but I still can’t prevent the breaking up. I do have pretty finicky lips, which are prone to dryness and flaking, so perhaps this formula will work out better for some of you, however, I will not be repurchasing any other shades.

Overall thoughts: The shade range is great for darker skin, so if you generally have an easy time wearing liquid lips then I’d recommend you buy at least one to try out, especially if you see a sale or coupon. If you do not like Huda Beauty’s Liquid Matte Lipstick, NYX’s Soft Matte Lip Creams, Burberry’s Liquid Lip Velvet, NARS’ Powermatte Lip Pigment or Marc Jacobs’ Le Marc Liquid Lip Creme then I’d stay away from this one as well.

Update: Someone suggested to me on reddit that it might be the lip balm that’s causing the formula to break up/peel. I believe this is correct, it lasted a solid 4-5 hours when I reapplied it without lip balm after lunch. It also didn’t dry out my lips significantly more, but it’s still not the most comfortable matte lip product that I’ve worn.

I hope this was useful!