I recently received this bottle of Tend Skin from My dad always used it when I was young. And when I started shaving I’d steal from his stash and apply it to reduce razor burn.

Photo: Alanna Okun at Buzzfeed

Nowadays, I apply just a little bit to a cotton pad twice a day in the areas in which I’m prone to getting in-grown hairs. It’s particularly good for the bikini line and underarm area and works really well for people with darker skin, as we can suffer from hyper-pigmentation if we pick at our in-grown hairs. While it does have a strong scent the benefits in terms of reducing razor burns, razor bumps and in-grown hairs is incomparable. I’m going to update this post in a couple weeks with some pictures of the changes to my underarm area.

Tend Skin The website also carries some other products I use and love. Including this Saryna Key  deep conditioner which is extremely hydrating and perfect for curly hair,  Lalicious body scrubs, which are some of the nicest smelling products I’ve ever used, and Mixed Chicks Leave-in Conditioner, which is also a must for curly hair.

I hope this was useful!



Disclaimer: This product was sent to me but I have purchased it myself in the past and plan to continue purchasing it for myself and boyfriend in the future.