Anastasia Beverley Hills Modern Renaissance on Dark Skin (NC45)

I recently picked this palette up from for $55cad when it was restocked. I didn’t purchase it during the initial launch as I already had Too Faced’s Peach Palette (which I haven’t reached for in over a month). I also didn’t think I needed a palette that leaned so heavily pink.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance


Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance swatches on dark skin


This was taken under fluorescent lighting with flash, but it looks very true to colour.

Red Ochre on lid, Realgar in the crease, Golden Ochre to blend the crease and Burnt Orange on the brow bone.

Red Ochre on lid, Realgar in the crease, Golden Ochre to blend the crease and Burnt Orange on the brow bone.

Red Ochre on the lid, Realgar in the crease, Golden Ochre to blend the crease and Burnt Orange on the brow bone

I know these are super dark, but it’s the only way I could get the pigmentation and colour differentials to show up.


Natural lighting with an iPhone.

Primavera in the tearduct, Realgar on the lid & Antique Bronze on the centre of the lid

* I will post a couple more looks when I have some time.



  • The mattes are very silky and smooth
    • But something about the pigmentation is not my favourite on my skin tone
  • Pigmented but not as buildable as something like a MAC shadow
  • Quite powdery but they don’t have any fallout
  • The shadows disappear from my crease after 6-8 hours


  • Golden Ochre and Raw Sienna are really nice as base shades, I always thought I needed a deeper brown for a nude shadow but I guess not.
  • Burnt Orange works great under the brow bone
  • Antique Bronze is great all over everyday colour


  • The lilac suede cover is very cute feels nicer and more expensive than the ABH Master Palette by Mario Palette 
  • The suede gets dirty really easily (unless you’re very careful, unlike me)
  • The cardboard is good for travelling and absorbing shock
  • The mirror gets super dirty from all the powder kickup


  • The brush is really quite nice (nicer than the Mario Palette’s brush)
    • The blending side of the brush is really nice and soft
  • The synthetic duo-fibre side isn’t the best for packing on the pigmented powder shadows


I’m truly undecided on this palette. I think the quality of the shades are great but at the same time this palette is probably best for those who love experimenting with makeup. If you’re only semi-interested in it then I think you need to look at your collection and decide whether you’ll actually use a palette like this.

While Modern Renaissance has some great everyday shades it really does require some finesse in pairing the shades and coming up with looks. Personally, I’ve found it a little difficult to wear subtlety to school, but that might just be my own bias of how bright I think some of these shades look on darker skin. But I think I do have a legitimate complaint in saying that the more pigmented shades give an almost muddy finish to the eyes when you get into shades like Red Ochre and Venetian Red. 


I probably would have probably loved this palette at 14 and it would make a great gift for any teens who are into makeup. And as I said before, I think creative makeup lovers would use this palette.

With the VIB sale around the corner this is definitely a palette to consider!

Hope this was helpful!