Pat McGrath Lust 004 Lipstick Kit in Vermillion Venom

I never got my hands on Pat McGrath’s highlighting kit so when I saw the Lust 004 lipstick kit featured on various Snapchats I didn’t have high hopes. And after her site crashed with no sign of coming back up I was sure my fate was sealed, I was never going to get a Pat McGrath product. Imagine my surprise when I happened to be browsing and saw it.


I immediately snapped up a kit that included the gloss and glitters because I wanted the ‘full experience.’ This “need” set me back a whole $72CAD.

Sorry in advance for the pics. I’d like to make an effort to post more during the school year but it’s hard to find time to do both my hair and makeup just to take photos.

Here are the swatches anyways:

Venom 1


Venom 2


Venom 2 after 5 hours and an oily pasta dinner.

Sorry for the flash on my oily skin, but it’s the best I could do with an iPhone at night!

Venom 1 and Venom 2 mixed

As you can see both shades suit darker skin and I’m sure Bloodwine would also look great. The shades may look dupable but the quality of the product is unmatched by most I’ve tried. The lipsticks feel extremely comfortable. Very similar to BITE lip products, beautifully pigmented, and are long wearing (about 4 hours).

Here are the swatches of the glitter products:

Red glitter on the mixed colours

I had a lot of trouble getting the glitter out of the jar, so I removed the sifter which was quite annoying. The glitter look isn’t my favourite but I was eager to try it after seeing Naomi Campbell wear it to the VMAs. I wasn’t able to get mine to look as sparkly as hers because the glitter kept mixing with the lipgloss I was using to adhere it. I also wasn’t able to apply it with my finger as I saw Pat doing because it made the lip line way too messy. But I also wouldn’t be worried about it going everywhere once it’s pressed into your lip. Obviously, you’ll leave some product on the rim of your glass if you drink and it’ll be difficult to reapply if you eat, but it’s workable for a special event.

Gold glitter mixed with the gloss on my friend Sabrina

As worried as I was about the red glitter I was even more worried about mixing the gold glitter with the gloss as I thought it’d be quite messy. In the end it worked quite well although it’d be best if you used a brush to apply as I found it difficult to get a clean line when I applied it on my friend. I will also most likely  wear this lip when I go as the Butterfly “this is me now” Snapchat filter for Halloween. Both glitter lips were easy to remove with a makeup wipe, I’ve definitely had more trouble taking off sparkly eyeshadow in the past.

I also really like the gloss by itself. Some may think it’s too sticky but I think it gives a feeling of permanence.


The lip kit is a little bit of a gimmicky product. I’d probably only use the glitters on Halloween and for a Christmas/New Year’s party. But the lipsticks are a standout product which I’d definitely purchase again at $30CAD each. Not to mention that it feels great to support such a longstanding and prominent black makeup artist.

Hope this was helpful!