Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Gloss

I’m not a huge ABH fangirl. I don’t think most people need a 4 highlighter ‘glow kit’ and have been disillusioned by the number of Youtubers and IGers who seemingly receive her PR kits.

However, I am a true believer in her lip glosses. I love the only shade I have so much that it was 1 of 3 lip products I took with me on a month and a half trip to Asia. It was also the only lip product I actually wore in Asia.

The only reason I haven’t picked up more shades is because I’m trying not to hoard nude colours. I figured that Warm Bronze served the purpose of all the other nudes.

This gloss lasts 4-5 hours on me and smells like vanilla frosting. I also can’t remember the last time I spent $21CAD on an opaque lip product, pretty sure it was 2012. And I’d say the product is tacky but definitely not as sticky as a MAC lipglass or NARS gloss.

Now Sephora says this is a shimmer finish but you definitely don’t end with sparkles all over your face after wearing it.

Not as coral in real life.

Other shades I have swatched and loved:

– Date Night (pink with blue reflects, very similar to a Chanel gloss I own)
– Tara
– Bronze
– Sepia
– Fudge
– Venom
– Potion – I got a mini of this for 100pts and it was awful, so patchy!
– Bordeaux

I hope this was somewhat helpful in navigating the ABH hype!