Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush in Radiant Magenta on Dark NC45 Skin

The best thing about Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blushes is their finish, they’re luminous and light-catching without being shimmery or glittery. I haven’t unfortunately had the opportunity to see whether the shade range for blushes is WOC friendly. One of my first blog posts was about the holiday palette which tbh I haven’t used since I got it.

Radiant Magenta however, is a completely different story. This colour is one of my favourites for a 5 minute face. It works with all of my nude/pink lip colours and because of the finish it never looks overapplied.

Here’s a full face shot:

Hourglass Radiant Magenta Dark Skin


On me it lasts 4-5 hours, but it’s just such a go-to that I’m willing to accept the poor performance time. It might last longer on those with less oily skin or those who use more of a base (a primer + foundation + setting spray)  than I do.

Hope this was helpful!


Alyssa Moses