TOM FORD Haul + Review + Swatches on NC45 Dark Skin

Today’s swatches will mostly be on my mom, Savitry. She’s a tad darker and less yellow-toned than I am, but hopefully these swatches will still be useful. In fact, I hope they’ll be more useful as you’ll be able to see how the products look on mature skin.


So my mom hustled me on Mother’s Day and I ended up buying her 3 new products from Tom Ford. Essentially, she tripled our collection of TF in just an hour. We were helped by Sherry at the Holt Renfrew at Bloor and Yonge. She was extremely helpful and patient as we went through about 25 lip colours looking for a good option.

All of the pictures below show the makeup as it was applied by Sherry.



Sherry applied Ravish on the apples and Savage up the cheekbone. However, I found Savage a little too dark to be a blush and too muddy as a bronzer. So Sherry blended Savage out leaving only Ravish visible in the above photo.

The blush retails for $66.00CAD and overall I have to say I am a little disappointed and would recommend a NARS blush over this.

The texture and finish is nicer than NARS blushes. The Tom Ford was easier to blend and was more satiny than the glittery NARS blushes, making it look more natural. However, the wear-time just isn’t there.

On my mom Sherry applied quite a lot, which didn’t look bad, but it definitely more than my mother would apply on herself. That being said, it stayed vibrant until midnight. When I applied it the next day on myself with a more sparing hand, I loved the colour but found it faded (somewhat patchily) within 2-3 hours. This is pretty disappointing to me for a $66 blush, I’d expect the wear time to be the same no matter how much product you apply.




The eyeshadow quad retails for $93.00CAD, which gives me heart palpitations thinking about it. Ninety. Three. Dollars.

We purchased the shade Disco Dust although it’s not as popular as others. Disco Dust has more more depth than Cocoa Mirage and Golden Mink, making it perfect for WOC. With this quad Sherry recommended tapping the glitter on using your finger. My mom’s eye look lasted all day perfectly, I was shocked at how good it looked even by midnight.

The matte brown shade on the top right is the perfect brown as a base for my skin tone and to blend other shades out. Usually I find brown shadows too warm, too cool, or too dark, but this one matches my skin perfectly.

I’ve also never had a glitter I love as much as the top left shade. I often experiment doing Indian bridal cut creases with a pop of glitter and the lid shade never turns out right. I now realize that it was because I’ve been using shades that are too pigmented. This glitter doesn’t have a lot of colour underlying it, so the sparkle really shines – I think it may be my favourite shadow of all time.

Additionally, the shadows are nowhere near as powdery as something like Kat Von D Shade and Light. They’re extremely buttery and blending is incredibly easy with them.

This compact was so expensive, but I’m happy I purchased it. If you’re the type of person who is willing to buy single shadows for ~$20 apiece then I think you’d really appreciate this quad. I definitely think my eye makeup looks nicer using this than when I use Kat Von D Shade & Light, Too Faced Chocolate Bar, or an UD Naked Palette.

‘Lips & Boys’ Joaquin Lipstick with Love Bruise Ultra Shine Lipgloss
Lips & Boys Joaquin Lipstick


Tom Ford is well known for their lipsticks, and it’s the cheapest way to get introduced to the brand at $44.00 for a ‘Lips & Boys’ Lip Color. They are so little, and look like sample lipsticks you used to get but they’re really quite lovely.

The lipstick is creamy and comfortable (moreso than NARS or MAC) and lasts extremely well. I applied it at 2pm and wore it until 4pm with no touch ups. I then ate a pretty oily Afghan meal and only the very centre of my lips had faded.

I had originally wanted a Lips & Boys shade with micro glitter because I found they were more unique. But I found shades like Daniel, Derek, and Rocco unflattering due to the way they emphasized lip lines and dryness. This shade isn’t particularly special and you can probably find a dupe for it but my mom liked it so I bought it.


Overall, I’m very happy with my purchases. I think they’ll be well used by my mother as the shades are all absolutely perfect for her solitarily and in combination.

I hope this was useful!