Asian Foot Peel Review [Warning: Gross]

I’ve heard plenty of reviews about Baby Foot but lack the patience to wait for an online order to be shipped. So I decided to make a trip out to Pacific Mall to pick one up. At the Beauty Star shop Baby Foot retails for $23, but the worker encouraged me to get this cheaper ($16) option instead. They had a few different scents and I decided on lavender, while it worked well for me I have no idea what the brand is or how it compares to Baby Foot (someone enlighten me?). 

After reading some Baby Foot reviews on Amazon I decided to prep my feet by soaking them for half an hour in warm water before putting the booties on. I also soaked them for half an hour every day afterwards.

I was told to keep my feet in the socks for an hour and a half and decided to keep them on for two.   

I didn’t feel like the shoes were quite secure and it made lounging around in them a little annoying. I’d definitely add a couple more pieces of tape. If you’ve ever tried foot masks then you’ll find the plastic on these thicker and more uncomfortable.

It was by the fourth day after I applied the mask that I started to notice some peeling.

And then it really started coming off in droves. The bottom of my feet/toes peeled about three times over the course of a week and a half. I mostly let it come off on it’s own but I think using a pumice stone would have gotten me two to three more layers of skin off.   

Not pictured – The pile of dead skin I snapchatted to my unappreciative friends.

Although I know the above photo looks extremely unpleasant it was only a tiny bit itchy on the sole of my feet for a couple days. I was also worried about wearing open toed wedges to work but it really wasn’t visible or peely during the day. I definitely wouldn’t recommend going to a yoga class without socks though.

The peel didn’t take off any skin from the top of my feet but my entire foot is definitely appreciably smoother and softer now. The real test will be if it works on my dad’s extremely cracked heels and I will definitely add more pics when I get him around to doing it.

All in all foot peels are a fun, easy and brown girl friendly way to ease into Asian Beauty and I’m sure you’ll love the results.

Hope this was helpful!