I’ve heard plenty of reviews about Baby Foot but lack the patience to wait for an online order to be shipped. So I decided to make a trip out to Pacific Mall to pick one up. At the Beauty Star shop Baby Foot retails for $23, but the worker encouraged me to get this cheaper ($16) option instead. They had a few different scents and I decided on lavender, while it worked well for me I have no idea what the brand is or how it compares to Baby Foot (someone enlighten me?). 

For those who are looking at the title of this blog post with a strong sense of “wut?” I’ll give you a quick run through. Muslims pray five times a day and before each prayer they perform ablutions called wuḍū which involves washing their arms, feet and head. So most Muslim women don’t wear nail polish on a day to day basis because it prevents the water from reaching their nails. These Ingot O2M Nail Enamels allow water vapour and potentially even droplets to permeate the varnish and reach the nail, which of course is very exciting for Muslim lacqueristas.

I understand that there may be those with reservations and those who believe that it is not sufficient for wuḍū. I don’t want to argue over whether or not it is, but provide swatches for those who’d like to see them. However, if you’d like to see the experiments then you can check this link out and formulate an opinion on your own or with the help of your Imam.

And if you’re not particularly interested in the ‘halal’ aspect then O2M lets your nails “breathe” by letting water and oxygen reach your nails even when there’s lacquer on them.

inglot 02m breathable nail polish

Usually when I post swatches for new products I try to either take as many pics in store or buy a wide selection of colours I think will work for women of colour. NARS’ Dual Intensity Blushes were unfortunately not a product I could do that with. With two shades, varying levels of intensity wet or dry, and a high price point it simply wasn’t possible. So I went in with the goal of getting just one. I ended up visiting Holt Renfew at Yorkdale Mall to purchase one, which came to $58.76CAD with tax (eep), but price per ounce they’re about the same as other mid-range blushes such as MAC. I didn’t get the name of the artist who helped me but she was lovely, helpful and applied the blush in a very flattering way (as opposed to the stripes I often get at Sephora).