L’Oreal #FibralogyWorks Hair Care System

I’ve always had very fine hair but since starting university 3 years ago I’ve lost a significant amount of it. I’m not too sure if it’s due to stress, prolonged use of hair styling tools or a combo of both, but I’m always willing to try volumizing or thickening products.

I used to love the Big Sexy Hair Root Pump, as it gave me tons of volume. But I hated the way the product settled on the scalp, making it feel itchy and that it needed to be washed after the first day.

Instead I started using Ojon’s Volume Advance Thickening Spray which I get from the Estée Lauder warehouse sales at 2 for $12. It leaves no residue, smells great and adds some volume, but not enough for day 2-3.

Anytime I’ve used ‘thickening’ products they tend to be leave-ins or treatments like Aphogee, which weigh down their hair, feel greasy or require a significant time commitment.

So it was with some hesitation and moderate expectations that I received Influenster’s L’Oreal Fibralogy box free to test out.

l'oreal fibrology

It came with a shampoo, a booster and a conditioner. The idea is to cleanse your hair as normal with the shampoo, apply the booster, layer the conditioner overtop and then rinse. The back of the booster suggests you use a dime size amount to cover your hair but I found I needed more than a quarter sized dollop to get my hair from root to tip, and as I said I don’t have that much hair. So it does seem that the booster is the product you’ll run out of first and will need to repurchase.

While I was skeptical and thought the line would add volume by coating the hair with product it didn’t do that at all. My hair/scalp feels extremely clean, to the point where it’s almost dried out. I did read some other reviewers complaining of a dry flaky scalp because of this product and I agree with that sentiment, so I’d recommend maybe doing a coconut oil mask before using it.

I’ve used it twice, so I’m at the stage where I should be feeling thicker. And so far I agree that my hair does feel thicker. When I pull my hair into a ponytail it feels 20% thicker than it usually does. I don’t think it’s worthwhile to take a photo though, as it’s something you can probably only see on yourself. After 5 applications it should actually be thicker. I will update this post after my 5th application to see if there is a significant visible different.

But I do have to point out that I’m not very well versed in the ingredients and the claims of what they do. It’s possible that the ingredients can be found more concentrated in other products (and what is ‘filloxane’ anyways?), but I do really like the way this makes my hair look. I also like that five applications is less than two weeks, which imo is extremely quick to see results. Especially if they’re supposed to stay after you stop using the product.

If you’re running out of your usual shampoo/conditioner I would recommend you trying this product, especially if you have fine hair or not a lot of it. As they’re now introducing the line it’s on sale in many stores and very affordable (under $4 for each item), so I definitely think it’s worth checking out.



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