I subscribe to the school of thought there are two types of scrubs in this world:

[1. Foaming] and [2. Moisturizing]

and I’m a fiend for the idea of scrubs. I like that they’re supposed to exfoliate my skin and leave it feeling squeaky clean. But, I often find that they aren’t soapy enough or they’re too thick and then I feel like I have a layer of film left on my skin.

Enter Jealous Body.

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When they asked me if they could send me their Coconut + Coffee Scrub to review I accepted and was very excited. I love supporting the growth of Canadian companies, love anything coffee scented and only use scrubs that are environmentally friendly (aka no microbeads) so this company was already 3/3 with me.

And although this product is by no means soapy it left my skin feeling clean (no layer of film soap scum detected) and extremely moisturized. I usually apply coconut oil to my skin following a shower (not a huge fan of cold creams). But this scrub completely got rid of the need for that, and my skin felt even softer than it does when I use my coconut oil.


The packaging says to use 2-3 handfuls, however I found that pouring it into my palm got a little messy. The method that worked for me was getting my index finger was wet, dipping it into the scrub to coat and then repeating!

The packaging also tells you do rub in circular motions which improves the skin’s circulation! If you want to take it even further you can start at your feet and work upwards towards your heart. But the next time I use this scrub I’m definitely going to use a loofah with it. I don’t need my hands to be anywhere near as exfoliated as they were after my first usage (aka rubbed raw).

Overall, I really liked this scrub and would highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys trying out new bath products.