Target Canada Liquidation Haul!

Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous Foundation

Without getting into too much about retail store expansions and slow supply chains our beloved Target is leaving Canada. I headed out to the liquidation sales on the very first day, and have never seen the store so busy. Like many others I soon realized the highest discounts were the 30% off cosmetics and began to stock up.

Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous Foundation

Although I hate the scent this a good match for WOC who are NC44-45. It’s a little pink, but I’ve never really noticed things like that standing out on darker skinned women (unless they’re using foundation that’s way too light). I’ll be doing a more thorough review of this one in the future. It was $$5.59 down from $7.99.

The NYX display was pretty much cleared out by the time I got there. I still managed to snag a few things though.

NYX Butter Gloss Edit

After having a poor experience with NYX Butter Gloss in Tiramisu I decided to go for a couple glosses that were a bit brighter in colour. These were $5.59 down from $7.99.


Although both of these shades have significant pigmentation, Peach Cobbler just isn’t a very nice colour on my yellow undertones. Cupcake was however, a surprisingly wearable Barbie pink for me as a WOC.

NYX Maison and Currant edit

NYX Maison is a colour I’ve wanted to try since posting my brown lip collection. It was $6.29 down from $8.99. While I thought the colour looked really interesting on East Asian skin tones it’s unfortunately not as gray on me, showing up as a more nudey brown.

NYX Currant Slim Lip Pencil is just a pretty deep red I thought would come in handy. It was $3.49 down from $4.99.

Covergirl Lip Perfector Edit

I should have probably waited till the next price cut to get these Covergirl Lipperfection Jumbo Gloss Balms as no one seemed to interested in them. Eh, hindsight is 20/20 and at least I got them for $3.49 instead of the regular $4.99. Unfortunately, only one of them is a flattering colour on my lips.


Hint: It’s not the left one.

235 Coral twist also looks great with NYX Cupcake Butter Gloss Layered on top. These balms are definitely holy grail status. ELF Brushes edit

I don’t know much about ELF, except for the fact that you should always buy their studio line brushes, which is exactly what I did. I picked up the angled liner brush and the blush brush. They were each $2.80 down from $4.00.

The angled liner brush is a little too flexible imo for liner, but I do like using it with pomade or shadow on the eyebrow.

I found the blush brush to be extremely scratchy (but what can you expect for the price point). It would probably work well with some of my finnicky blushes that take a lot of effort to pick up. The Chanel Tweeds are a good example of this. They are easily picked up by the small palette brush they come with, however that one deposits the colour far too patchily.

Sonia Kashuk brush couture five piece

Sonia Kashuk had a 5 piece ‘couture brush set’ which was originally $16.99 dollars but down to $11.60. I couldn’t beat a deal like that. Tbh, one of the main reasons I picked it up was because I liked the graphics on the handles and thought the box was pretty.

Although these are no longer listed on Sonia’s site. I thought a quick review was in order as she seems to bring out similar brush sets all the time. After having used these I find that they feel softer on the hand than they do on the face.

I have never used a liner brush with gel liner before. I have to say this was the easiest its ever been to create a wing, having used angled eyeliner brushes and normal felt tip pens before. The bristles have a reasonable amount of give, without being too flexible.

I don’t use flat foundation brushes very often despite having several. This one is nicer than my Real Techniques equivalents and fits around the nose nicely.

I use the large powder brush for my more pigmented blushes (Hourglass/NARS) and thought it picked up product lightly and distributed it evenly.

I find the large eyeshadow brush to be quite scratchy. If I were sensitive I probably wouldn’t use it, but it is convenient for setting down a base colour.

I haven’t used this pencil brush yet, but it isn’t anywhere as scratchy as the large shadow brush.

And last but not least,

Pixi Shea Balms

I picked up a trio of lip balms from the Pixi Petra collection, because I was in dire need of a new balm. I also didn’t see the price and didn’t realize they were originally $16.00 (too much) down to $11.20. I really like this shea butter balm, even more so than my beloved Nivea Honey & Milk as the Shea is a little more moisturizing. The clear is lovely and the Honey Nectar is a nice nude on NC45. The only one I’m not a huge fan of is Ripe Raspberry, which is quite an opaque red.

Here’s to hoping that the next time I go hair/body products will be on greater discount and there’ll still be some Shea Moisture products left.

My total original price was $88.94 and with the discounts it came to $62.24, for a total savings of $26.70.