Throughout my Accutane journey I tried many, many products. And while I liked most of them these are my stripped down essentials.

accutane product guide

Micellar Water – Some days you’ll find your cleansers to be too drying or stripping, apply this to a cotton pad to cleanse your face gently.

Avene Trixera – This thick cream isn’t irritating although it has a lovely fragrance. I used it at night and found my skin was extra-hydrated in the mornings.

Avène Antirougeurs – Marketed towards eczema sufferers, this cream got rid of redness I didn’t know I had. If you’re starting Accutane with active cystic spots I highly recommend this one, it will definitely make you feel more comfortable in your skin.

Emu Oil – Great for masking dryness during the day and perfect for layering under a moisturizer/serum at night.

Nivea Honey & Milk Lip Balm – Along with shea butter balms this is the most nourishing lip balm I’ve found. And for under $3 it beats the very popular Jack Black and Aquaphor for me.

Tea Tree Oil – Dilute this and apply it with a Q-Tip to flare-ups, it may cause dryness but you’ll see the inflammation diminish overnight.

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Sunscreen – If you’re on Accutane you need to use sunscreen daily or you’ll see your skin’s dryness exacerbated by the next day. This is a good cheap option, it’s not too greasy and it  dries matte. La Roche Posay’s Anthelios Ultra Fluid Lotion is a nice option if you have more flexibility in your budget.

Hope this helped you narrow down your shopping list somewhat!