laura mercier flawless contour palette

After having tested the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit I decided that I wanted to try something with more usable colours for my skin tone. Meaning, not 3 highlights and something with less orange.

I briefly considered the Smashbox Step By Step Contour Kitthe Kat Von D Shade + Light Contour Palette, and NARS Contour Blush. I didn’t think Smashbox’s was versatile enough for the price, Kat’s had too many highlights and NARS didn’t have an appropriate colour for woc. Having never used cream contour I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to try the Laura Mercier Flawless Contouring Palette, so I picked it up. It’s $50USD or $60CAD, and available at Sephora.  

laura mercier flawless contour palette

Laura mercier flawless contour palette arm swatch
From left to right: contour #1, contour medium #2, contour deep #3, highlight #1, highlight #2

[contour #1]

contour #1

As contour #1 is the lightest in the kit this is the colour the artist at Sephora tried on my face to see whether palette would work. I like that it was subtle, but overall found it a little too gray in tone against my yellow undertones. “Oh I didn’t realize you were wearing anything. I thought it was your sideburn growing in,” as my friend said, is probably the best way to express how it looks.

What I do plan to use this colour for is nose contouring. People always critique cheek contour on the basis of it looking like a tiger stripe. I have this same fear when it comes to contouring the sides of my nose, I always think it’s going to look so obvious. Because this colour is so light and creamy I think it will blend well and serve perfectly in this function.

note: no highlight was used in this picture, that’s just how my skin is haha.

[contour medium #2/highlight #1] 

For this side of my face I used a MAC 130 foundation brush (ELF’s ‘small’s stipple brush’ appears to be a dupe). It picked up the perfect amount of colour on the synthetic fibres but the natural hair gave it a stiffness that allowed me to blend the product out very well.

contour medium #2 highlight #1

Highlight #1 is quite yellow and you can see that in this picture. I really like this combo and even for an everyday look it wasn’t difficult at all. I know I complained about the ABH contours being too orange, and this does have a hint of orange. But I still really like this colour looks on my skin tone (or is it too warm??).

[contour deep #3/highlight #2]

For this contour I used Real Techniques Contour Brush, which I honestly found too big. When I usually use it with my powder contour I usually find that it works very well. With cream however, I didn’t like the way it deposited the product and I wasn’t able to blend it out without dragging it below the hollow of my cheekbone. It was also harder to get the angle right.

contour deep #3 highlight #2

Highlight #2 doesn’t appear to be very visible or very bronzy but if I hadn’t had applied it this side of my face would not look half as warm as it does in the above shot. With the right blush I’m hoping I can get the rich gold tones that were present in the arm swatch to show up.

It’s important to note that this is after a lot of blending. So if you’re darker or want something more intense I think you can build this colour. But I was pleasantly surprised to find that it didn’t go too orange on me, and would be perfect for more intense night looks. Contour #3 will be great come summer, and is perfect for contouring my forehead (which I often conveniently forget to include in my pics).


I found that the contours in this kit worked best with synthetic or mixed hair brushes. For the cream highlighters I used a large flat concealer brush, which was also had synthetic hairs.

I applied these over Maybelline’s BB Cream. I did think contour #2 started to fade pretty quickly (couple hours) but that also could have been a result of my over-blending. Contour #3 was visible for over 5 hours, and I’m sure the wear time would be even longer with the aid of a setting powder and/or finishing spray.

Overall I’m really impressed by this kit, especially for the price point. I think it’s the most versatile one I’ve seen thus far and I’m impressed by how well it works for those with dark skin. Although, I should qualify that I don’t think NC50 or darker would particularly benefit from it. I would recommend it to anyone who’s been wanting to try a cream product but has been intimidated by the Instagram face diagrams.

note: I do have a review of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit that I’ve done for I will link to it once it’s been posted.