WOC of the world rejoice. Finally a colour of the year that won’t result in people saying “it’s just so vibrant against your skin tone.” We’ll need to make sure to stock up on all the “nude” lipsticks and ‘girl next door’ blushes that will result from Pantone’s colour of the year in Marsala. (Italian wine, not a misspelling of the Indian food Masala as I originally thought).

On the internet the colour is being applied to many different shades quite liberally.

Here’s the colour as Pantone described it:

Marsala Colour


Dose – 20mg everyday but 40mg on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

This month was a roller coaster of emotions.

My skin was looking pretty damn clear, I was riding a high and then I did two things to mess it all up. I tried to incorporate an AHA because I couldn’t leave well enough alone and I tried on like six lipsticks at Sephora.

When my friend sent me a ‘Dollar Store Snapchat Haul’ this week I immediately knew I had to run out and buy this. I’ve been trying to display/organize my makeup for a while now but it’s been coming along pretty slowly because I can’t find plates and containers I like for a reasonable price.

Even though I think acrylic is the new Sterilite drawer setup I still picked this up from Unlimited Bargains for $1.99. It’s the best option for the time being and it holds 9 lipsticks.

Cheap Acrylic Lipstick Organizer