Wet ‘n’ Wild Comfort Zone Palette Swatches on Dark Skin [NC45] + First Impressions

I have to admit that I’m often reluctant to buy drugstore products. Thankfully a lot has changed since middle school and the advent of the online beauty community now allows me to make very important makeup buying decisions that I don’t regret shortly afterwards. Wet ‘n’ Wild Comfort Zone Palette is one such recommendation that I picked up from Tati @glamlifeguru whose drugstore recs are always on point.

I also had a gift card because so I figured why not? The palette was $4.67 before taxes and the prices are about the same in Canada vs. the US which makes it feel all the sweeter.

On to the pictures!

Wet n Wild Comfort Zone

Wet n Wild Comfort Zone Swatches
Natural lighting


In order from left to right, no primer.

First:  I am not a fan of a strong (re:light) brow bone highlight as I think it looks too made up. But because of the sheerness of this I figured it would make a good brow bone colour. Unfortunately, when used to blend the edges of my shadow it just turned into a sparkly mess. I think it’ll work better as a inner highlight or patted overtop other shadows for a more shimmery look. But I have many other (re: better) options for highlight shades so I think this one will stay mostly unused.

Second:  A very pigmented eggshell shade, this one works well as a highlight, but you do have to be conscientious to not over-apply it. It might be overwhelmingly bright unless it stays on the inner third of the lid.

Third:  A peachy gold shade. I personally think this is too light for an all-over lid colour and overpowering on the brow bone. But it works well on the inner lid, blended with a matte brown shadow for balance.

Fourth:  I’m not partial to green shadows but I imagine this would look stunning on any WOC with hazel/light brown eyes. I have yet to try and make it work on myself.

Fifth:  I am a huge fan of bronze shadows. They’re perfect for a wash of colour across the lid and running out the house, yet they leave WOC with a simple, polished look. I own several by MAC, Clinique and Too Faced but I like this one especially because there’s not many gold tones in it so it blends with matte browns that I like to put in the crease.

Sixth: At first glance this is a brown-black with gold sparkles. I found that the sparkles disappeared quite quickly so I’m able to use the shadow without begin worried that it’s too dramatic for the daytime. It’s extremely pigmented and a little goes a long way. I like using it with an angled liner/brow brush to create wings that I can then blend out, adding a little definition to the lash line.

Seventh:  Is a dupe for MAC Beauty Marked. I included a swatch of the two of them side-by-side below. MAC’s base is black while WnW’s is brown, however WnW’s is more pigmented and powdery, which can be good or bad, depending on your preference. The pink sparkles in both of these shadows do move around but I find MAC’s harder to work with because of this than WnW’s. This is another colour I prefer to use along my lash line rather than my crease.

Eighth:  Is supposed to be a dupe for MAC eyeshadow in Club. Unfortunately I don’t own this one so I can’t compare them. But is a beautiful duo chrome shade that pics up on blue and browny-pink pigments depending on how the light catches it.

Left: MAC Beauty Marked Right: Wet ‘n’ Wild

I use Too Faced Shadow Insurance as a primer before I apply these to my eyes. I was paranoid about creasing but it did not fade or crease for at least 5 hours. Even the wings I did stayed, which hardly ever happens and they were extremely easy to do with the shape and level of intensity I wanted.


Regardless of whether you’re a full fledged makeup addict, a preteen with a small allowance or someone a bit older who’s just starting to get into makeup I highly recommend this palette. It works well on its own or paired with another palette such as Too Faced Chocolate Bar. And it’s so affordable that I definitely think it’s worth buying, even if you’ll only use half the colours. It’s a better value than most of my other palettes, which I end up only using 1-2 colours from regularly.

This has replaced the first Urban Decay Naked palette for me as I only use the darker colours from that palette. I find the third, fourth and fifth colours in Comfort Zone work just as well to achieve the looks I want and I don’t need to worry about building up the pigmentation or blending for hours. This palette is perfect for travelling and you definitely won’t be worried about breaking or losing it because the price is just so good!

Seeing as the Holidays are also rapidly approaching I would suggest this as a stocking stuffer or a Secret Santa gift. I’m absolutely positive it will be well received!

Hope this was useful!