I’ve spent many years (and dollars) looking for the perfect nude/understated polish. Here’s some of the ones I’ve picked up along the way.

Now this was a super early Christmas present from my boyfriend, which was supposed to sit under the tree, but I just couldn’t wait to stick my fingers in it. It isn’t out yet in Canada but I heard it would be available by mid-late October, so hopefully we’ll see it in stores soon.

On to the pictures!

The great thing about this brown lipstick trend is that it allows us darker-skinned folk to get MLBB/nudes that don’t have white undertones. But I’m still on the hunt for darker browns that will properly channel the 90s look we’re going for!

Here are five options that I’ve found thus far. The first two are quite light but I included them for those who are fairer than me (plus they also make great nudes!). 

Since my boyfriend is heading home to Boston for the weekend I decided to ask him to bring me back a new lippie, as they’re significantly more expensive up here. I was particularly looking to add a new and interesting colour to my collection. So nothing in a family of colours/tones I already have.

NARS Audacious Lipsticks retail for $32USD and $37CAD. The exclusive shades are found at Barney’s stateside and at Holt Renfrews up north.

I apologize in advance for poor picture quality and lighting. These are just photos I took to send to friends for a quick opinion. But I noticed there weren’t many pictures of darker women wearing these yet so I thought I’d put them up in case anyone’s interested.